Friday, 27 April 2012

In the Beginning: Life After Facebook

'In the beginning was Facebook the Word, and Facebook the Word was with God, and Facebook the Word was God.'

So many people have blogs nowadays. So many people use facebook and twitter. I used to be a facebook addict (I do not use 'addict' lightly). After a year or two I realised it brought out the worst in everyone, including me. I lost a formerly good friend through a stupid facebook argument. I wish I could mend that. Liam, I don't know what happened, but it wasn't worth losing your friendship.

Facebook is not real. And twitter serves as much inane purpose as its name implies. 

Those hastily-written 'friendly' posts (LOL!!!) are no substitute for face-to-face relationships. Facebook gives its users an entirely false sense of relationships. Vulnerable people are lulled into a fake notion of friendship, sharing things they just wouldn't share in real life. 

I was even bullied on one occasion. I was shocked by the sheer venom from people nutters whom I'd never met and over something I hadn't done. She (the instigator)  was mentally ill and used that as an excuse to hurt people... Not me, Goldilocks. I choose to be healthy, thanks. So I'll stay well away from facebook and twitter and anything that looks remotely like them.

I've resisted beginning a blog because it seemed so damned self-indulgent. But I have ended uposting way too much on someone else's blog

and that's not really appropriate either. I've always been a big thinker and I just can't find the off-switch (for my brain, not my 'puter) so... blogland, here am I.

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