Saturday, 28 April 2012

This recovery from surgery is taking its time. All I did was serve dinner. Three rounds in the ring with a sumo wrestler would have about the same effect. Still, they were grateful, even asked for seconds.

Anyway, I received an email earlier telling me that Renee & Jeremy have recorded a new song, 'Yellow'. Their songs remind me how precious childhood is. You don't get second chances at life. Being small is special.

And being a mum is a gift. 

Remind me of that the next time HRH (the boy: tall, blonde, blue eyes, behaves just like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory only he has learning disabilities; charming and insanity-inducing in equal measure), sticks bread ready-buttered in the toaster, or wets the bed and denies he's done it until the stink is so bad several hours later that you realise there must have been BUCKETLOADS of wee, or when he screws hooks into the ceiling of our rented house... and that's just the past 24 hours. Ain't life grand? ;-)

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